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A seasoned real estate agent, Kimberly Parry brings over ten years of sales experience to Akers Ellis Real Estate. Having owned vacation property of her own on Kiawah Island for many years, Kimberly is exceptionally well-versed in the second home market. Now as a full-time resident of Kiawah Island, she combines both her professional and personal real estate experience to deliver the highest level of knowledge and service to her clients.

Regularly vacationing on Kiawah Island for more than ten years, Kimberly is thrilled to now call Kiawah Island her permanent home. She is an active Kiawah Island Club member and enjoys yoga, working out, traveling, and exploring Charleston’s bustling restaurant and brewery scene. Kimberly resides on Kiawah Island with her husband, Mark, and has two step-daughters, Jane Anne and Ella.

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Kiawah Island

Kimberly possesses exceptional expertise in Kiawah Island real estate, evident through her membership in the exclusive Kiawah Island Club and residence within one of the two private communities, Cassique Course. The scarcity of real estate agents who not only specialize in the area but actually live there further highlights her unique position as a true local expert. Residing in Cassique Course, one of the distinguished Kiawah Island Club Golf Courses, deepens her understanding of the community. Going beyond property transactions, she actively immerses herself in these exclusive communities, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to the neighborhood and community engagement. This firsthand experience distinguishes Kimberly as an exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable real estate agent, making her the ideal choice for those in search of properties in Kiawah Island. 

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